Hot Brass Ranch | More than Hot Lead
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Welcome to Hot Brass Ranch

Hot Brass Ranch is your one-stop shop for firearm sales, education, practice, and self-defense training. Whether you’re new to firearms and need assistance in purchasing a weapon, or you’re looking for range time or private self-defense classes, we have it all.

Firearm Sales

We offer several firearms and accessories to give you the ultimate protection.

Shooting Ranges

We provide a safe, professional venue with multiple pistol and rifle bays, ranging 25 to 2000 meters, at variable elevations.

Classes and Training

We offer several private and group classes, special trainings and CHL Certification.

Services & Information

Our mission is to provide the community with an exceptional space to safely practice self-defense and become sharpshooters in our short and long range pistol and rifle bays. Because we love our community, citizens of Hubbard, TX will receive discounted memberships.

What We Offer

Shooting Ranges

Multiple pistol and rifle bays varying from 25 to 500 meters

Long Range

500 to 2000 meters with variable elevations available including to extreme long range tower bays


We have training rooms specifically for Self-Defense and Hand-to-Hand Combat Training

Match Training

Modular Armored Tactical Combat House Fire live rounds to train in heightened real life scenarios


Lifetime Pricing

All memberships have locked-in, lifetime pricing

Discounts & Levels

We offer civilian levels of membership at multiple price points and graduating benefits. We offer special discounts for first responders/leo’s and military service members

Membership Assistance

All memberships will have the ability to “freeze`` the account. This is beneficial to active duty members on deployment or members who find themselves in a tight spot financially. Freezing over 12 months is prohibited in cases other than deployment. After 12 months a new membership at an updated price point will be required.

A First Look at the Ranch

Brands We Carry

We carry a wide variety of firearms and accessories from the top manufacturers such as:

Contact Us

interested in becoming a Founding Member? Are you a certified safety, CHL or self-defense instructor? Contact us via this form and provide applicable info in the "message" field so we can get back to you!